About me

My name is John Leslye Toro.

I was born in Santiago, Chile. Denmark has been my home for many years. I speak Spanish, Italian, English and Danish.

I worked as a chef for many years, but in 2016 I changed my career and got educated as a massage therapist, now I study Physiotherapy at professionshøjskole Absalon in Roskilde.

As a massage therapist, I am constantly searching for new techniques that can help me develop my therapies. 

I have created my own deep tissue massage technique called massage fusion including Thai protocols and the use of hot bamboo, cupping, and sports massage. All my therapies are adapted to your needs, every single therapy is unique and is created especially for you.

I started as a masseur because I experienced problems with tension in the body during my previous work as a chef. This was particularly related to the bad postures that the job as a chef involves. Therefore, in 2015, I traveled to Thailand to learn Thai yoga massage at TMC, one of the best schools in Chiang Mai. That way I would be able to help my colleagues and avoid work-related injuries.

However, it soon became clear to me that helping others through massage and stretching techniques to avoid injuries was something I would dedicate my life to. Therefore, I quit my job as a chef and began to spend my time improving my skills in many different forms of massage and treatment. 


Sundhedsfaglig grunduddannelse RAB

Registreringsordning for alternative behandlere

Tengbjerg school


Strong nation (HIIT)


Physiotherapy student at professionshøjskole Absalon Roskilde 3 semester (orlov)

Fysiurgisk Deep Massage with Hot and Cold Bamboos
Tengbjerg Massage school Næstved Denmark


Massage therapist at the royal theatre of Denmark

physiotherapy department with ballet dancers


Cupping and Gua-Sha

Cupping DK
Wellness and sport massage
Atwork massage school  Frederiksberg Denmark


Thai Therapy Massage 
Thai yoga massage
Thai sport Massage
TMC School of Chiang Mai Thailand